Vital CRM - Insight Analytics

Vital CRM + Insight.
Know your customers through Insight.

A Vital CRM's data analytics module. Users can analyze their customer data in a highly interactive and visualized way. Create more benefits through AI and machine learning. Get Started!
360 度全方位了解客戶

360-Degree View of the Customer.

Integrate and analyze all customer related data, including demographics, attributes, transactions, opportunities, marketing campaigns, service logs, and etc..


Data-Driven Operations

Make faster and better decisions with our highly interactive and visualized dashboard.


Dynamic Customer Value Segmentation

RFM anaylsis and Customer Lifetime Value prediction model help you target the right customers.

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Predictive Customer Analytics

Turn your business problem to an analytical problem. Make use of our AI-powered metrics to offer better customer experience, increase customer value, and win more revenue.
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Common analytical scenarios

Use our predefined analytical content and get to know your customers' preferences and purchase patterns.
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Find your answers from data using natural language

Type a question in natural language and instantly get a response in the form of charts and graphs.
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Last-mile execution functionality

Take actions from Insight and immediately engage customers via multiple channels.

More Features, more love forVital CRM - Insight Analytics


Develop new customers.


Send routine marketing messages


Recommend the "right" products.


Predict the next purchase time.


Prevent customer churn.


B2B sales management.

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A Model for Creative Teaching: Using VIdegree to Increase In ...
National Taiwan Normal University Professor of Art Lin Da-Long

A Model for Creative Teaching: Using VId...

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Teaching college courses should not be the same as junior and senior high school where standardized textbooks, tests, and answers are used. Especially in regards to art, there should be an even greater emphasis on stimulating creativity and creative thinking. I want my students to surpass me, I want to teach them to catch fish, not sit there and memorize their textbooks," said Professor Lin excitedly. Separating from traditional teaching methods, he has innovatively begun to use VIdegree's cloud based CRM to interact with students, manage courses, and keep records of students' learning process. In the process Professor Lin has seen previously unimaginable results, and the process itself has been the best example of creativity.

VIdegree Cloud Platform Provides Biotech Company with Electr ...
Freebio Technology Corp. President Wang Hui-Mei

VIdegree Cloud Platform Provides Biotech...

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Using VIdegree, we are also able to search for time we last contacted a client. If a manager or sales person finds that there has been no interaction with a client for an extended period of time, they can immediately use the complete records we keep using VIdegree to pick up right where they last left off. This creates a very positive experience for our clients as they don't have to repeat themselves over and over with us, giving us more time to understand each other and move forward in our cooperation.

VIdegree Helps Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Provide Value-Added S ...
All Pretty Clinic CEO Mia

VIdegree Helps Cosmetic Surgery Clinic P...

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Our dedicated, attentive, and immediate customer service has helped us win the trust of our customers. GSS's VIdegree has been the perfect tool in helping us achieve all of this." Mia further touches on, "Our memory is never as good as we think. It's quite possible to forget something you said or did just 3 or 5 days ago. That's why we need to make records! If you're able to remember everything without help, that means you don't have enough business. The more customers you have, the more you have to remember which makes taking records that much more important. So don't wait until later, but start making it a habit to take records now. Managing customer information is necessary for continued growth."