Vital CRM + Insight.
Know your customers through Insight.

A Vital CRM's data analytics module. Users can analyze their customer data in a highly interactive and visualized way. Create more benefits through AI and machine learning. Get Started!
360 度全方位了解客戶

360-Degree View of the Customer.

Integrate and analyze all customer related data, including demographics, attributes, transactions, opportunities, marketing campaigns, service logs, and etc..


Data-Driven Operations

Make faster and better decisions with our highly interactive and visualized dashboard.


Dynamic Customer Value Segmentation

RFM anaylsis and Customer Lifetime Value prediction model help you target the right customers.

Vital CRM - Insight Analytical Module Image 1

Predictive Customer Analytics

Turn your business problem to an analytical problem. Make use of our AI-powered metrics to offer better customer experience, increase customer value, and win more revenue.
Vital CRM - Insight Analytical Module Image 2

Common analytical scenarios

Use our predefined analytical content and get to know your customers' preferences and purchase patterns.
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Find your answers from data using natural language

Type a question in natural language and instantly get a response in the form of charts and graphs.
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Last-mile execution functionality

Take actions from Insight and immediately engage customers via multiple channels.

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Develop new customers.


Send routine marketing messages


Recommend the "right" products.


Predict the next purchase time.


Prevent customer churn.


B2B sales management.