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Customer Relationship Management 

Utilizing data visualization concepts and labels to allow for clear customer segmentation and deliver customized messages to targeted customers. Create a VIP like experience for your customers to encourage them to return and boost your sales.
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Business Form Management 

The business form management system tailored to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises with a large diversity of templates. Providing an easy interface for users to create, classify and search for forms and documents, effectively reducing the burden of business form management.
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Knowledge Management 

Maintaining collection of critical documents and knowledgebase to provide rapid search and access of information. Improve efficiency of the organization through a community based concept, building an environment that is resilient of knowledge loss due to change in personnel
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Task & Meet 

Designed to be flexibly applied in various business activity management such as task tracking, meeting management and project planning. A tool to help delegate tasks within a team, set remingers, track progress, and to make sure each and every task is completed in a timely fashon. Safeguards the core competency of an organization.


Official Document Management

GSS Cloud document managing system help increase the efficiency of document management with five paths such as precision, speed, real, simplified and provincial. The enterprises can handle document and control process easily through the document management, online sign-off and operation sign-off.
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Allowing the enterprise to manage team working, policy canceling and 2nd Generation NHI, salary premium calculation and payment, income tax withholding declaration and so on. Even the non-HR professionals can follow the changing of regulation, calculate the salary accurately!
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General Ledger

A working program that Include accounting procedure, from entry, posting, calculation, adjustment, checkout to compiling, everything is informatization,  even use flexibly according to the size of organization, allow the enterprise to master the accounting management.
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Accounts receivable / Accounts payable 

With design based on the need of enterprise makes accounts easy to process. Vital General Ledger will be integrated in the future, including transfer vouchers after finishing accounts payable and accounts receivable, to reduce job repetition and improve efficiency.
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Taiwan’s Largest Agent of OMRON Industrial Automation, Cheon ...
Cheong Teh Ltd. General Manager Zhang Xiu-Hao

Taiwan’s Largest Agent of OMRON Industri...

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Through Vis-a-Vis, our sales and managers can all immediately know how many new cases they have on their hands, which cases are in progress, and which cases require a response from the original manufacturer or approval of a discount. Members of our sales team can better understand their goal and clarify the needs of customers while drafting their reports. The cloud capabilities also allow them to search for the status of any previous cases for items such as: customer order quantity, price, special requests and etc.

A Model for Creative Teaching: Using VIdegree to Increase In ...
National Taiwan Normal University Professor of Art Lin Da-Long

A Model for Creative Teaching: Using VId...

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Teaching college courses should not be the same as junior and senior high school where standardized textbooks, tests, and answers are used. Especially in regards to art, there should be an even greater emphasis on stimulating creativity and creative thinking. I want my students to surpass me, I want to teach them to catch fish, not sit there and memorize their textbooks," said Professor Lin excitedly. Separating from traditional teaching methods, he has innovatively begun to use VIdegree's cloud based CRM to interact with students, manage courses, and keep records of students' learning process. In the process Professor Lin has seen previously unimaginable results, and the process itself has been the best example of creativity.

VIdegree CRM Helps Make Real the Life8 Vision of an 8-day We ...
Life8 Co-Founder Lin Rui-Jia

VIdegree CRM Helps Make Real the Life8 V...

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According to Dr. Lin, "Life8 was established in 2012, and has already accumulated a large number of members. Member demographics are quite diverse, we have put serious effort into maintaining and promoting interaction between members, hoping to provide members with a quality consumer experience. But as membership grew, the amount of moderator duties and workload also increased alongside the numbers. The question of how to effectively and accurately moderate and manage customer relations became a major issue we had to overcome. Luckily, soon after, we found the Vldegree Customer Management Service. Using Vldegree, we were able to organize our customers into different categories, enabling us to more accurately analyze customer RFM. Only through such a process were we able to better understand customer needs and then provide them with the service they deserve!"

VIdegree Cloud Platform Provides Biotech Company with Electr ...
Freebio Technology Corp. President Wang Hui-Mei

VIdegree Cloud Platform Provides Biotech...

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Using VIdegree, we are also able to search for time we last contacted a client. If a manager or sales person finds that there has been no interaction with a client for an extended period of time, they can immediately use the complete records we keep using VIdegree to pick up right where they last left off. This creates a very positive experience for our clients as they don't have to repeat themselves over and over with us, giving us more time to understand each other and move forward in our cooperation.

Cloud Based Reporting System Helps Make Telemarketing a Bree ...
Sundin Development CEO Lee Jia-Min

Cloud Based Reporting System Helps Make ...

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"The best part about the cloud is that it is cheaper because no hardware is required. Vis-a-Vis costs less than 5,000 NTD to use, and helps the company bring in 250,000 of revenue a month. Proving that choosing the right tool can indeed be a great boon to your sales team.


Small Investment - High Return

Choose the most suitable package and easily activate your account online.


Information Security Centric

ISO 27001 certified, provides the highest grade of security for your valuable information.


Professional Service Team

As an experienced team, We have been in the business management service field for 30 years. Awarded for SaaS and App developing


Awarded for SaaS and App developing

Award winner for Cloud service and App developing.


Very Good User Experience Design

Focus on user experience to provide an easy to use system.


Flexible and easy to customize without coding

Provide the flexibility to customize the system according to your company’s needs without coding.