Using VIdegree, we are also able to search for time we last contacted a client. If a manager or sales person finds that there has been no interaction with a client for an extended period of time, they can immediately use the complete records we keep using VIdegree to pick up right where they last left off. This creates a very positive experience for our clients as they don't have to repeat themselves over and over with us, giving us more time to understand each other and move forward in our cooperation.

"Our extra cleaning enzyme toothpaste series received the United Nations Material Purchase and Control Center's Designated Brand recognition in July of this year. We are proud to say, that of all the toothpaste brands in the world, we are the first ones to receive such recognition. We hope to provide everyone in Taiwan with these kinds of high-quality products," stated Wang Hui-Mei, the President of Free Bio. Through the implementation of VIdegree (a cloud based customer relationship management service), we have managed to increase our work productivity and provide customers with improved and complete customer service. Such improvements have helped create new business opportunities for enzyme toothpaste product line.

In discussing the history of Free Bio's establishment, we need to start from long before Wang was the president of Free Bio, back to when she was 15. At the time, Wang often bit herself while eating. Even eating a small piece of pineapple cake would end up with her biting herself on the inside of her mouth. She would also grow ulcers if she went to sleep too late. These little wounds would take forever to heal, in the end, she would even have to go have the doctor to have them cauterized for them to heal. Back then she vowed, "If in the future I find something that can help lessen my pain (mouth ulcers), I'm going to let everyone know!" And then, at the age of 50, she finally found "extra cleaning enzyme toothpaste," finally managing to find a solution for her mouth ulcer problem that had tormented her for years. Having finally found what she was looking for, Wang has saved no effort in diving into the enzyme toothpaste world.

"My family's peridontis is better now, my bad breath is gone, my mom no longer gets ulcers." Along with the waves of such positive feedback flooding in, the amount of orders the company receives has also grown tremendously. Wang began to think about how to upgrade their work process to increase their work and problem solving efficiency. "I happened to hear about VIdegree during a small conference hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Plus, one of our previous business expansion consultants had also recommended the service. I guess that is how my fate became tied with GSS's VIdegree," she says while laughing.

Actually, Free Bio had been using software packages for quite awhile already to manage their client lists. "But we needed to actually go into the office to use them, which was extremely inconvenient for our sales team who spent most of their time outside of the office." On the other hand, being cloud based, and supporting both PC and handhelds, "Previously our sales could only visit 5~6 clients a day, they can now easily visit 8~10 instead." The mobile applications also allow our sales persons to record the main points of each meeting down immediately using their handhelds. This allows them to easily review the content of their previous meets easily prior to their next visit, drastically reducing the chances of missing points previously touched on or repeating themselves unnecessarily.

If you can image, VIdegree's interface is just as easy as Facebook to use. Therefore, VIdegree can immediately solve the problem of where our work notes or daily journals being scattered all about. If the sales manager wants to understand the progress of a specific case or the current situation of one of his team members, all they have to do is log-in to the system to and use the at a glance feature to quickly bring themselves up to date. They can even directly leave comments on the work journals of each employee to give feedback or support.

For new business development, president Wang also shared another trick, which is the "contacts script." Anytime after meeting with a supplier, the system automatically sends them messages politely asking whether they've had the opportunity to try the product yet. In 7 days, the system will once again ask them for feedback. If the customer has any problems, they are immediately received and answered. At the same time, we clients are provided with the company's recent promotional offers. Also, since we market to a variety of suppliers, including chain stores, pharmacies, family run shops and etc., the scripts automatically change the contents of each email we send accordingly. In this way, we've managed to create a more comprehensive way of working and increase our business development success rate greatly.

Using VIdegree, we are also able to search for time we last contacted a client. If a manager or sales person finds that there has been no interaction with a client for an extended period of time, they can immediately use the complete records we keep using VIdegree to pick up right where they last left off. This creates a very positive experience for our clients as they don't have to repeat themselves over and over with us, giving us more time to understand each other and move forward in our cooperation.

In addition to our sales team using VIdegree, our internal staff also make great use of the service. Our administrative staff often receive calls from customers, and VIdegree lets them directly forward customer requests to our sales team. The system can then notify our outside sales team, and assist them with adjusting their routes to handle high priority assignments first. VIdegree has effectively increased the productivity of the entire company by narrowing the distance between our sales team who are usually outside and our internal administrative or support staff. President Wang gives further praise to VIdegree saying, "VIdegree is simply the best internal communication platform."

In actuality, the concept of using enzymes in toothpaste is very new, and a considerable amount of time is necessary to help our clients become familiar with the product. For this reason, our support team would publish electronic newsletters on our official website. But the back-end of the website is complex and not user friendly at all, making the process both time consuming and tiring. Now, using templates in VIdegree we can quickly come up with clean looking and content-rich e-newsletters. This has helped a great deal in letting our clients, both new and old, to more quickly understand the safety and effectiveness of our enzyme toothpaste product. This kind of transparency has also helped our toothpaste distance itself from the recent food safety crisis. Not only have our clients retained complete trust for our company, we have also attracted the inquiries of several foreign clients.

In addition to the commonly seen methods of using VIdegree, Wang says mischieviously, "We have also come up with several new ways of using it! For example, if one of our company's sales persons needs to take one of the company cars, they can use VIdegree to assign themselves the car, helping us keep track of how many cars are available at any time. We have also started using VIdegree for our internal staff to use to check in and out of work, replacing the need for paper process timecards."

"As long as good tools are used effectively, management can be relatively easy." VIdegree's simple and easy to use interface not only helped increase the ease of switching over, it also reduces the amount of time users have to spend on completing tasks with the system. For a small-mid sized company like us, it really has been a blessing. "Furthermore, the VIdegree's service time response time is extremely fast, and new features are added to the service almost every month. This system really has met my expectations!" states Wang. In the future, we are also considering having our subsidiary company in Shanghai use the service along with us. Letting our enzyme toothpaste reach a greater number of customers means providing care and health for a greater number of people, bringing health, joy, and comfort to everyone.

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