The Vldegree Customer Relationship Management System successfully helps capture the hearts of the insured
Business network management system which can be used to effectively organize client information and serve as a planner or memo, providing professional VIP grade service 

Taiwan's insurance coverage ratio is an astounding 225%. How does one stand out in such an intensely competitive and oversaturated market?

Vldegree is a customer relationship management focused system which helps users better cater to and retain their clients, and is used by hundreds of insurance agents. U.S. certified financial planner, Tian Shu-Xun points out, the key to earning clients’ trust is to “listen carefully, take notes and keep records, and be clear and concise when responding.” The reason she uses Vldegree to manage her business network is for its ability to organize clients into customized categories and its memo function. Through its categorization feature, she is able to easily see and track what a client looks like, their characteristics, interests, family background, future plans, and recent interest topics. The ease of accessibility of such information allows her to provide her clients with the VIP treatment they deserve, and continues to help her earn the gratitude and trust of clients.

Tian Shu-Xun has been especially satisfied with the fact that, "Vldegree eliminates the hassle of having to update when switching between different computers or devices." With Vldegree's customer name replacement feature, every email can be tailored or customized automatically to the recipient, using this feature has helped Ms. Tian receive the praise of clients who have written saying that, "You pay such great attention to detail, every email is personally addressed to the person receiving it."  Furthermore, tags can be used to clearly distinguish each individual client, so the correct recipient can be selected when sending email. Ms. Tian further states that, "To my clients, time is money, if I accidently spam them with emails not for them, it lowers their trust in me."

2014-10-06 EDNnews      
Exposure   Source:  Economic Daily News A19, Oct 6th, 2014


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