Reduce hidden overhead, enhance business productivity and profit
In accepting its invitation to participate in the "Innovative Management Lecture," Galaxy Software Services Corporation's Chief Marketing Manager Jessica Liu and professional consultant Wayne Chen attended to share their view on key elements for success in business operations management and future trends. Key points covered included increasing efficiency of operations and making management improvements, providing insight into how quickly turn things around and maximize profitability.

In regards to service innovations for SMEs, GSS's Marketing Director Jessica Liu points out that, using eCRM to provide real time service and customer differentiation, is key to brand strengthening and maximizing profit. Utilizing Vldegree's cloud based customer management system, O'ringo Shoes, an online retailer of men's handcrafted dress shoes is able to systematically organize any client related information. Vldegree allows O'ringo to easily record any special needs customers might have and receive customer feedback. Furthermore, through the system's automated mailing feature which helps O'ringo keep in touch with customer's on a regular basis to create a more interactive process and help establish branding, O'ringo has built a reputation of treating every customer as a VIP, and serves as an example of successful service based marketing. Within the past year, the return purchasing rate of a previous customer has soared from 5% to 45%, a 1.7 times growth in sales.

After the series of lectures, participating small business owners and managers, continued to engage in discussion and exchange. Participants were greatly moved by the success stories shared in the lectures, and were eager to apply the experiences shared by the speakers to help bring innovation to and maximize profit of their own businesses.

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News Source: Manager Today, Issue 119, October, 2014


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