Travel Industry Embraces the Cloud, Innovating Customer Management post-conference report

Travel Industry Embraces the Cloud, Innovating Customer Management post-conference report

Galaxy Software Services Corporation held the "Travel Industry Embraces the Cloud: Refining Customer Management and Service" seminar in the past few days. The event was hosted as a cross-industry collaboration with Daqing, a travel agency with over 40 years of history. The goal of the seminar was to explore how GSS's propriety cloud based customer management system, Vldegree, can provide travel agencies with customer management and customer development solutions.

General manager of Daqing travel agency, Lee Gui-Fen shares how travel agencies can effectively manage customer relations and continue turning profit as the travel industry restructures itself in the age of information technology. Lee predicts that agencies which continue to operate under the traditional model without adapting to the information era are set up for failure. She further believes that in a dynamically changing information age business environment, to successfully transition into the new era and continue turning profit, businesses must reinvent their customer management methods. Strengthening the platform for communication with customers , or "customer service," is key to increasing brand stickiness. Business managers must utilize effective management tools to facilitate customer retention and increase brand value through increased service quality.  Only through "service" can businesses stand out in the intensely competitive information age.

Jessica Liu, GSS's Marketing Director also points out that, "Customer relations management is a science, for industries hinged on the development of social networks it is even more crucial. Vldegree customer management system is a comprehensive customer relations management tool, Vldegree is able to help businesses maintain current relations, manage customer information and other advanced marketing/promotional tasks. Vldegree's customer information management features helps businesses understand their customers better than the customer themselves, helping to establish company image and create a new operating model which maximizes profit!"


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